Years ago when I was starting out in design, I used to say that designers who made fonts were suckers. Why would anyone waste their days laboriously hacking out hundreds of characters - not just letters, but commas and hyphens and percent symbols - when they could be using one of the tens of thousands of ready-made fonts already out in the world to make their own designs and start changing the world one menu, one t-shirt, one logo at a time? It was, of course, a statement fraught with an irony I had no way of seeing.

Because here I am.

I make fonts today because I can’t help it. After more than a decade pursuing the art of creating custom-lettering, the outcome seems more-or-less inevitable. And addictive. And pregnant with possibility. There are far, far too many stories that need to be told. 

And I’d love to help you tell yours.

I’ve made fonts for Garrison Brothers Whiskey, Austin Eastciders (full font here), Mary Kay, and others. Let me know if I can make one for you.